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Exceed Your Own Expectations

As I ponder about life and what we think we want from life or what we thought we wanted from life and everything in between … I remember a man called Pastor Bob. He was a big influence in my life in a significant time of life. He said this - instead of focusing on expectations - keep an expectancy in God to exceed your expectations. He went on to talk about how when we have such specific goals or agendas that we can lose sight of what is most important: trusting God and what HE may have in mind versus what we have in mind. Granted, we are told we have the mind of Christ and we do and so shouldn’t that mean that our thoughts are His thoughts? I would love to say yes and amen and all the time. But, I am not convinced my thoughts are His 24/7. Do you know what I mean? Example: I had my eyes set on a particular job years ago. I had interviewed. I was told I was a perfect match for the position. It was for a newspaper and I would be a reporter who wrote conservative news stories. I knew it was my job. I was super excited and knew that I knew that I knew that it was one of those once in a lifetime opportunities and that I was made for it. Let’s add a little bit of icing to the cake shall we? A very close prayerful friend also felt the same exact leading. He too knew it was mine. The editor of the newspaper needed me to take just one little “test” that all employees take before the final hire but told me I was a shoe in and that he would see me in the morning. I thought nothing of it. I took the little three question exam and went on with life. Guess what happened? My 6AM the next morning I had received a letter reneging on the position he had offered me saying he had made a mistake and not to bother coming to work…that it was not my job. I was like WHAT? I was not happy. My husband was furious. But deep inside - you know - that deep inside Space - I was at peace. Did we write them a kind letter telling them thanks for the rejection? No, we wrote them a …. Letter expressing how ridiculous we thought he was for offering me a job and changing his mind within 24 hours. So, what is my point? I’m sure you have wondered right? Expectations. Guess what happened over the next few months? I published two books and started a business - neither of which I would have done with a full time job that would have consumed every part of me. As we thought about the goodness and wisdom of God, we knew that “little” job would have wreaked havoc in my life and I would have been stressed to no end and I would have ended up hating it when it was all said and done. Who knew? God knew. So, listen, do you have the mind of Christ? Yes, you do. Do you ALWAYS hear 100% accurately? Why maybe you do and maybe your hearing has a filter on it from time to time that keeps you from hearing exactly and maybe… just maybe… we have a wonderful Father Who knows our hearts and helps us actually fulfill what is our truest desires that actually exceed our expectations and reach into the expectancy of God instead. Friend - if you are disappointed and discouraged, do yourself a favor. Stop. Give it over to the One Who lives inside you and remember to let Him know that you know that you know that you know that HE KNOWS BEST. Then, just be relational and express that to your Father with a heart that trusts and a mind that knows HE is for you and for your dreams. If you have not read my book, 40 Days to the BRAVE New You - I invite you to click on the image below to purchase the Kindle format! Blessings and peace - Donna Reiners

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