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"When you see the real you – you will not go back to the counterfeit you."



What Clients Are Saying

She is compassionate, insightful and hears the Lord consistently. Sessions are sometimes tough topics but it is always a pleasure to walk through them with Donna.

Highly recommend her.


This woman comes from a place of brokenness that gives her incredible insight. Having stared many enemies in the face and defeating them, she has a “been there”, “done that” mentality that is completely wrapped in compassion. She is prayerful before, during and after each session.

Her God given revelations mean you won’t get any cookie-cut answers. What you will get is a life coach who is for you and not against you, who is honest with you but supportive of you but most of all doesn’t believe in defeat. She will celebrate your victories with you no matter how big or how small. Meeting with Donna is like meeting with Jesus with skin on! She wants you to have life and life abundant and she will help you to achieve it!


Donna Reiners is no mere counselor.

She is a Sage clothed in love.

An inspiration empowered by Grace Himself.

A guide through the minefields of legalism and self effort.

And a healer of the broken, downtrodden and hopeless.

She has been divinely used by God to bring restoration and freedom to my family. She has also become a trusted friend who speaks the Truth in Love.

There is one thing though that she does not do. She refuses to play mind games.

Thank you Donna Reiners. You are the Light of Day in times of darkness and a Royal intercessor bringing victory and renewed courage.


I really enjoyed working with Donna as her therapy as the help and knowledge that I got from her greatly enhanced my relationship with myself and Jesus and I mean GREATLY. When I met her it was a time in my life where things had gone downhill as far as health, relationships, job, school and I would say religion as well. The spiritual side of everything is that I was looking into new age stuff and drenched with sinful mindsets and such. In some cases immediately and in some cases later on, she helped me understand many things that are vital to the Christian faith and even the absolute power behind it. The sessions and even just phone calls with her helped me clear up much of the confusion behind where I was headed and where I should be going.  With my new relationship with God, I saw rapid guidance into effective healing modalities. One of the things that I had dealt with was a series of spinal injuries- some from accident and some from miss use of exercise and posture. I really feel that my new connection with the lord had led me to my current therapist that is fixing me well. No other doctor/ trainer/ therapist had any idea what was going on because they had never seen a condition like mine before. I also had dealt with Lyme disease and while that was a very similar story, I immediately saw guidance after a prayer that led me into what seems to be my most effective treatment for it. There was another doctor that I had seen for general health that played a giant roll in things and like I said, I feel like all of this contributed because of her leading me to God. I was led to what felt like an impossibility! Bottom line is that she was very effective in showing me Christ!

Now as far as the immediate experience, it was very powerful yet interesting. I felt very powerful shifts in my body during many of our sessions and even brought up some things in my past that I had almost forgotten about. We even exposed some spiritual deception at one point. One of our sessions, we had prayed for family members as there were behaviors from them that were causing trouble in the family. The family that I saw shortly after did seem to have changed when I first saw them but what was super fascinating was that later on saw another family member who was known for being aggressive. Even my dad said that she was so much nicer and she even seemed much happier as well.  The last thing to mention is that Donna is very good about picking things up on people to the point of which she has influenced me even on a personal level in some of my decisions for the far better. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to better themselves and their relationship with God.


I was referred to Donna Reiners originally by a friend. After our session, I did not see immediate change. She encouraged me to look for a small nudge instead of some big change.

Interestingly, a few months later, I was in a family situation where I usually would be anxious, sad, uncomfortable and stressed. However, I was clear minded, comfortable, completely unstressed and at peace. This was amazing! I had faced these gatherings in the past with nothing but an unhealthy emotional response.

In just one session, all of that changed. I can now be around these for dinner or gatherings with zero worry of me leaving upset. What a blessing!


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