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Three Thoughts...

Hello friends - it has been a minute and I'm switching gears in life and health and everything else.

In a world that often feels like it's spinning ever faster, I pause to reflect through a conservative lens what I feel paints quite a different picture. I want to dive into an exploration of our current time, and examine the tapestry of events with some careful thought.

My first thought leads me to the realm of personal responsibility and self-reliance. In the midst of the crazy, I see traditional values are making a comeback - at least they are in the people I know and am getting to know. Despite the perception that reliance on government assistance is at an all-time high - though it truly is - many of us are forging our own paths, celebrating the dignity of hard work and crafting lives rooted in the spirit of entrepreneurial freedom. Some want to be in charge of their lives instead of just handing the decision making over to a government or even a religion.

forward, another thought is to unravel the respect for national sovereignty. There's a renewed appreciation for the principles of law and order, for borders are not just lines on a map, but markers of a shared identity and collective spirit. Discussions surrounding immigration policy, trade agreements, and foreign relations are infused with the intent of putting one's countrymen and values first—a principle as old as nations themselves.... these are things we can be divided over or we can figure out together.

My final thought is the resurgence of cultural pride and historical continuity. A sentiment often misplaced in the rush toward global uniformity, I feel it is finding its voice again. Education, the arts, and public discourse are experiencing a gentle tug back towards the commemoration and understanding of the past, recognizing that a people disconnected from their heritage are like trees without roots.

In conclusion, what if we say these times are marked not by chasms and chaos, but by a return to well-trodden and respected paths? Perhaps these guiding stars that have served generations well actually hold the key to stability and sensibility in the fast-paced digital age?

I am learning to be engaged. It is a new day.. Would love to hear your thoughts.. privately of course.. I'm including a picture of my sisters because we represent generations .... we grew up differently than most the world and we are those who still respect red, white and blue as well as living out Truth. Take care,

Donna Reiners

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