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I’m JustSaying …

Sometimes people talk about feeling drained by other people … but is that really because you’re drained??

What if you are undeveloped in LOVE?

What if someone else seems toxic to you when really it’s because you’re not developed enough in love to completely cause that toxicity to melt right in front of you lol??

I’m just saying .,,

What if your perspective needs to be tweaked?

Sometimes the very thing we want to stay away from that “drains us” is because we are triggered by an area where we are just flat not healed in… so we want them to change because then it won’t be our fault lol…

And sometimes, we want to control things.

We want to make decisions for other people instead of letting other people be adults and let them make their own decisions.

Or we call it protecting others but is that really what it is? Or are you just not comfortable… or maybe you’ve made a decision about something that you think is the only way it can be in so you think everybody else in your group needs to think the way you think?

What about a situation where a daughter feels she needs to control her 80 year old mother’s decisions? Mind you … mom is in her right mind … but daughter doesn’t research.., daughter doesn’t care about moms research or moms opinion. Instead daughter just says pack it up..

sadly .. mom has entrusted her finances to said daughter who has zero clue what help this could be for her mom.. daughter likes controlling in the name of protection…

I’m just saying….

Interestingly, also, I know someone who is asked if they knew me and if they were working with me and this person said yes. And they just looked at them like they were crazy. Why? Judgments. Hearsay. He said she said we said they said. By the way, these are Christians. You know those loving you unconditionally and forgiving kind of Christians? … you know the kind…??

I experienced years ago a pastor who did not like that I trusted and believed God could heal me, or that I was helping his “flock” believe God could or would heal them. Interestingly, he preferred his congregation to remain in unbelief. Why? Because said Pastor had experienced something that negated God healing. And so he believed it was safer for his congregation to not believe that way, so they would never be disappointed again.

Come on. How ridiculous is this?

I’m just saying .,,

Quit controlling people. Quit separating yourself from people because you disagree. Quit criticizing and condemning and judging people who are living differently than you and who have different needs and you. Quit taking away the opportunity for others to make their own decisions. Those aren’t your decisions to make…

Who are you to judge the heart of another person? I’m just saying.

Sounds like a cult to me..

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