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New on the Horizon

Hi there! You know how we are always saying it is a new day... because technically every day IS a new day?? Well, there are times when you do take steps that are actually and really new and it DOES produce what is not just a new day or a new adventure for you but also for those who want to go with you! It becomes new on the horizon. First, I want to encourage you to not wait til everything is perfect to take action in what will help you transform your life. Sometimes the reason we are stuck is our inability to take care of what is right in front of us - those mentally burdensome to do lists that keep you up at night - those boxes in the attic you dread going through - those items you swear you will sell but it has been ten years and they are still staring you in the eye - and the list goes on and on. What is new on your horizon? Second, you might want to be prepared for that friend called sabotage to show up and derail your progress. That dark friend appears every single time you find direction, find energy or finally pull your courage out to step toward finishing. Stay patient with yourself and get ready for what can be new on the horizon. Finally, know you are not alone if you are dealing with symptoms that cause you to wonder if you even have the bandwidth for the new you so want on the horizon. HOW can you move forward? A little advice. Do not bite on more than you can chew when your mouth is already full. Instead, wait til you swallow. In other words, take action when you are about to fill your time with something that will waste your time. Instead of watching TV or a movie - go through ONE thing so that you are accomplishing ... a moving forward for the new on the horizon. IT may not sound like a lot of progress but you will be surprised when you wake up in a week and see 5 boxes gone. You will feel better and be encouraged. When I was first in college, I studied Radio/Television/Film and I'm about to film a TV series! Oh my goodness, I am surprised and I am excited and have wondered if I have lost my mind all at one time! Hey - don't give up. You're okay. The sun will come up tomorrow and it will be a new day to transform yourself and your surroundings ... Hug yourself! Send to a friend ... who also wants something new on the horizon. Love, d

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