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Victim of Hate 4 of 5

VICTIM OF HATE ©Donna Reiners


The shelter of pain

My siblings grew up under the shelter of pain, rejection, beatings and misunderstandings. We were not the Christ filled, love centered home. We had a daddy who had grown up in the depression in a household where you got three bullets and a gun and your grocery store was located in the nearby forest. If you came back with only 1 bullet, the rule was that you had to also come back with two rabbits. Dad had been brought up by a mom who had been married and divorced nine times before her death at 91. So, he never knew the loving kindness of a father figure. He only knew the betrayal and abandonment of one woman and nine men. Our dad was a drill instructor in the navy, back when beating the troops was just a part of the day-to-day training. Our mom was born in obscurity and embarrassment and poverty. Because of her own shame, rejection and abandonment issues, she rarely stood up to the violence and anger alcohol brought into the home. So, it is understandable that all my sisters knew how to give was the very thing they had been given – abuse. Our parents had each been a victim of hate and us kids too had each been a victim of hate.

But we did not have to remain victims. There is a place inside where you grab hold of Truth and become victorious. You must decide today to #BEBRAVER than ever and get free from your past. Your past does not have to be your today. Your parent’s abuse is not your today. Grab hold of God and let God’s Truth give you a new today. Today, you turn to victory in Jesus name. Let it be.

Victim of Hate no more

Change your mind and not longer listen to be a victim of hate

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