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I hate Dribble

I hate dribble. I’m not good at small talk. You can be in my house with the lights on and wonder if I’m even home. I’m also the friend who shares deep within five minutes of meeting you and you will either run the hell away from me or decide I’m the friend you have always wanted and stick around. I experience most of the first option. That’s okay. Authenticity is not common. I’m not common. My friends are few. I’m not popular. I used to be super religious in my stance giving God no chance other than to do life my way. Also, I made the mistake early on in my walk with God to give my life to building up the church and upholding what the pastor taught and again giving no leeway for God to live outside the church cause you know… God isn’t interested in you unless you’re a Christian. Wow. I was clueless and limited my belief to my own wisdom instead of His. I have changed. My circle is small but my God is big and though God can dribble with the best of them …I still cannot.. Maybe you can do small talk and nobody knows your pain cause you keep that happy fake smile on your face …

So, though i hate dribble – I don’t hate you and I don’t want you to hate you either. So, how about this? You choose to NOT give up on you… cause I’m not gonna stop believing in you … ever.

Love, d

Don’t give up.

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