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Perception is Reality 3

Is God's Perception YOUR Reality? ©Donna Reiners

I lived more than half my life in fear of being rejected when I did not have to. Had I just known the Lord and known His love for me! If I had known His Truth and the power His Truth had to make me free, I would have chosen it. I would have chosen Him. Do you want to be like Him? If so, then you must know Truth. You must choose Him! How can you know Truth? You start by realizing that the only way to be like Him is to listen and be taught by Him. Do you want your life to be filled with blessings and not curses? Then, listen to Him and be taught of Him. Do you want your biological or spiritual children and your children’s children to live life abundantly? Then, give yourself completely to Him. Let his Truth completely take over you. Listen, no matter where you are and what you look like, no matter the condition of your heart, God takes us right where we are and says HE LOVES US! Remember what I said in an earlier post – His love for us is not dependent on our loving Him. However, if You refuse His love and His changing power, then you can expect your life to continue to look the same as it does now. Is that what you want? God is so in love with us, and He so desires that we come around to His way of doing things that He will provide opportunity after opportunity for us to know Him. What is so incredible about our God is that His love for us never diminishes. Even in our rejection of Him, He chooses to love us! Nevertheless, there are consequences when we refuse to give ourselves to Him. When we say no to God, we miss out on knowing Him and feeling His pleasure. We miss out on fulfilling His purposes for our lives, and therefore, we live a life that is never completely satisfying. Finally, when we refuse to surrender to Him and His ways, when we refuse to give ourselves to Him, we choose to live a life without Him. Forever. On this earth as well as eternally, when we move onward from this world into the next world….there is a perception and it will definitely then be our reality.

What kind of life do you live now? Do you live your life in consideration of God’s will and God’s purposes? How or how not? Has the enemy caused division between you and one of God’s friends? Get back to His perception and ditch your own preconceived notions regarding what happened. Let God be God and you – you be a friend with His perception of love, life, boldness, friendship, honor and grace.

Pray with me

God, I do desire to give myself over to You. I desire to trust You with my heart, soul and body. I give myself to You for such a time as this. I do not want to live without You! I want Your perception and not my own. I do not want a mixed version with my flesh and faulty discernment. I want clean pure perception. Come and invade my life! God, I give my thoughts over to You and ask for You to lead me. Convict me of my own wrong doing! Change me and cause me to know You more! Cause me to have a hunger for Your Word so that Your Truth will penetrate my mind and change my heart. I desire Your love and Your Truth to reign in me in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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