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Dancing Not Dreading

Super Saturday- I feel so lead to repost this article / Dancing instead of mourning. Truth is that we can mourn too long. Mourning is for a season not forever. You get to choose my friend. You are not betraying when you decide to pick up your mat and go forward. It’s not wrong to return to a position of rejoicing. Listen, don’t get trapped in the sticky false comfort that comes with prolonged grieving. It’s interesting that in the Old Testament- they set a boundary on grieving for loved ones. If you have been positioned in depression for a really long time, you may find it difficult to stand to your feet. Regardless, it starts with sitting up. You might be tempted to lay back down because you have lived in this false comfort for a really long time. Please – drag yourself out of bed!! I set you free!! Free to get up on your feet. Free to dance! Sing. Love! Laugh! LIVE AGAIN!!


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