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Victim of Hate 2 of 5

She hated me

VICTIM OF HATE ©Donna Reiners


When I was born, rumor has it that my older sister was sick with something contagious and unable to see me for at least two weeks. All she could hear from the top of the stairs was ooooh and ahhhh over this little newborn baby sister who displaced her position as the youngest. From what I understand, she was ignored and it really hurt her feelings. I certainly can understand – can’t you? She was already part of a world where she was abused and neglected by the very ones who were supposed to protect her. Our parents had no idea how to love or be loved. In addition, she was a little seven-year old girl whose world was rapidly changing, and I was a major cause of it. She moved from being Daddy’s little princess to being the 3rd daughter, and surely it hurt. What do you do when you are a little girl in pain with no one safe to talk to? The enemy comes to talk to you and bring you into an inward world filled with his thoughts. He turns us inward so that we can become a victim of hate.

From the moment she learned of my conception, thoughts of resentment from the enemy began to filter into her pure and sweet young mind, and by the time I was born, hatred had also been born and she, without realizing it, hated me. She didn’t want to hate me, but she did and in our family, she was the enemy’s next victim of hate.

Question – do you see yourself as a victim? It took years for her to be free but she is free and you can be as well! My sister loves me and we both love one another with a depth that only God could have brought to us. HEALING brings you from victim to victory. I’ll be explaining more in part 3.

Father, I pray that Your truth will penetrate our hearts. Let Your mentality come forth and let us become VICTORS in Jesus name. Let it be!

To be continued…

Send this to friends who need some help coming out from being a victim of hate.

Until next time, d

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