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My Way or the Highway

Sometimes you don’t know how to honor someone. A learning curve perhaps. This does not mean you are dishonoring. This is where relationship comes in and dialogue and freedom to make mistakes and to love and be loved as an imperfect person yet HE died for them too. My way or the highway.

Do you take offense? Are you offended? Is someone on your last nerve? Have you decided you are done with this person or that person? Maybe you feel you have been hurt for the very last time by xyz? Code words for offense. Jill Mitchell O’Brien, an international speaker from the Houston area,  lives a life of honor and teaches on honor. One of the statements she uses is, “Honor is what loves looks like.” She also says, “Humility never takes offense.” Thought provoking isn’t it? But how do you live this way the attitude of those around you is –  my way or the highway? Or could it be this is your own private mindset? I grew up with a father who would say, “My way or the highway.” Honor was just keeping your mouth shut and doing whatever he wanted however he wanted with zero communication from or with you. Disagreement was not acceptable. So, our relationship was pretty much non existent and then mostly fear based for most my life. Fear based. Let me explain. If you or I ask a question and before we ask, we already know the person is more likely to yell at you, disagree with you, not listen, interrupt and not let you finish, tell you you are stupid, reject you as insignificant or just flat walk away offended by you…that is a fear based relationship.

Ask yourself if you are this kind of person? OR are you controlled by someone who only gives you the option of my way or the highway.

Father, I pray that you would give us grace to move forward – show us how to #Bebraver by honoring the one who dishonors – giving them and us mercy and by remembering it is only by grace that any of us face today and tomorrow.

Until next time – d

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