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From Above

Tenacious Tuesday-Whoever you are – there you will be – no matter what vocation – Let me just challenge you. It’s one thing to go to a meeting week after week after year….to go through the motions of religious activity that gives you purpose and makes you feel like you belong OR pleases your parents. It’s another to experience becoming born from above. Something to think about.

It’s relationship not a religion.

It’s about our union with Christ and His union with us. It’s knowing He knows you – not knowing how to kneel, cross your hands, lift your arms or fast. It’s Him.

THIS PERSON is a whole new ballgame. When you know that you know that you know that HE KNOWS you???? Wow. That you are family??? That’s relationship with the Father of the planet through the Son. How can I have this relationship you ask?? Look up. There is a Way. Look in-there is a Truth. Look beyond you-there is a Life. Do you believe that the Father of the planet sent His God-man-son to live on this earth and rescue us…to release mankind to have relationship again with The Father? Do you know that Jesus took dominion by getting the keys to death, hell and the grave? When you know HE has stepped inside of you – to LIVE in you then welcome to the family. You are born from heaven. You have access to the Father and can now take dominion with Him. It’s all level at the cross and all available through the Son. Love-d

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