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Don’t Give Up!

Refuse Defeat

Ever been overwhelmed? Ever felt like your mind is in a battle for its life? Ever felt like failure was your condition? Your to do list has been incomplete for so long you forgot the last time you did anything on it? Every day normal simple things are an uphill climb? You need to refuse defeat even while feeling like you are in last place. If you feel like leaving your house looking like a mess then stop it. Get dressed. Brush your teeth. Brush your hair. Get your shoes on and get out there in the real world. Leave your 4 walls and take a break from the voices that surround you telling you that you will not make it or that you are wasting your time. Head out with your head held high even if you feel as if you are falling into failing. So, you feel like you are treading water – cool – then your arms and legs are gaining strength. You are gonna make it. Don’t give up. Choose thankfulness. Perspective is everything. Choose. Decide. Don’t give up!

Talk To Yourself

Defeat, discouragement, confusion and condemnation are not your friends. Do not allow darkness to become your bedfellow and if it has already then kick that thing out. Don’t go to bed with negativity. Face it whatever it is that is making you feel like a chopped down tree and command joy. Maybe you don’t like your house, your job, your friends or your church. Maybe you have been hanging on by a thread trying to do the right thing when all along you have been supposed to……….move along. That’s right. Maybe you need to make a change. Are you supposed to move? Look for a new house. If you hate your job then spruce up your resume. Your friends getting on your nerves? Find out why? Maybe either they have outgrown you or you have outgrown them. Don’t ditch anyone but it may be time to add to your friends some new friends and new possibilities. Have you been at your church just one year too many? Guess what? There ARE other churches and you do not have to bee bop along in the same church if they ignore you, don’t tend to the needs of folks who are in need, control you or are just too spiritual good to be any good outside the four walls. You are valuable and so don’t give up!

Lock, Stock & Barrel

There comes a time when you just have to persevere, #BeBraver and make a decision to make a change. It’s okay. It is your life and you are the one responsible for it and you are the one who is accountable for it as well. If you are bored then for goodness sake ask yourself why and do something different. If you jump around every two years and get bored every two years and leave wherever you are committed every two years then you being bored is not the problem – you NEED to take lock stock and barrel at yourself and get a grip and mature and commit. BUT…if its a new feeling…this….feeling of….what am I supposed to do with my life???? Then,  get sill and look at your life and get a plan for tomorrow and don’t give up!

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