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All In One Day

Tenacious Tuesday – Pain. Sorrow. Joy. Confusion. Happiness. Disturbed. Perplexities. Passion. Depression. Peace. Betrayal. Rejection. Hilarity. Giddiness. Anger. All in one day.

Yet, all these emotions are deep and real because of a loving and powerful Creator Who made us all in His image. Have you grasped the fact that our God is our Father and HE is emotional?  And yet, praise His name, He keeps His emotions under control!  Otherwise, maybe we would all be wiped off the earth! Interestingly enough, He desires for us to keep our emotions under control as well. Made from His DNA, we have the unique likelihood of experiencing His emotions. The feelings of God. Wow. How humbling is that? How can we be made in His image? Sometimes God calls us into a journey or pathway of discovery where we experience emotions and feelings we never knew possible. HE is so good that HE will use those experiences and pain to shape us and encourage us and strengthen us until we look just like Him.  Sometimes, we have pain in front of us but we want to avoid it at all costs yet…I remember a GodMan Who took a way through pain too just so we could know Him and His Father. Let’s trust Him my friend as we press forward into more…of Him and living life with Him…conversing with HIM every step of the way…even if it means we feel all these conflicting feelings…all in one day.

Until soon and much love,


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