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Come up higher in your thinking!

This book was written for Christian women who are already married or preparing to get married. If you are living with a man or in an affair, please give yourself over to the Lord Jesus Christ as your First
Husband and seek counsel on how to let Jesus satisfy you. This book was written for women who desire greater intimacy with their husband in their covenant of marriage. Your sexual experience with your husband can become a spiritual experience with The Lord.

Jesus desires for you to be with Him and He bids you to come. He dares you to invite His Spirit into the innermost thoughts of your heart as well as your most intimate times in the bedroom. Let Him make your intimacy the place of communion with Him it should be.


Your bed can actually become an altar of love and commitment and covenant between you, your husband and your God. It is at His throne alone where you will find love, peace, strength, strategy and
wisdom to carry out the principles of Beholding, Believing, and Belonging and Becoming.

“Let marriage be held in honor (esteemed worthy, precious, of great price, and especially dear) in all things. ” Hebrews 13:4


And so should marriage be a high form of communion with our Lord and with one another. Our most intimate times with our husbands should be a spiritual experience that leaves us in awe of the
Holy Spirit and of Christ in one another.

God sent His only Son Jesus to earth as a living sacrifice. Jesus was born of a virgin. He lived his life without sinning and then died in our place. Jesus was resurrected by the power of God and now sits at
the right hand of the Father. Our Salvation and Deliverance is based on Jesus’ obedience. He paid the price so we could live forever.

Once you have given yourself over to the Lord Jesus Christ and believed on Him, you are what the Bible refers to as born again – you are a completely NEW person with a brand new beginning.

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