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Wounded Heart

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It is a new day and I’m here to say you can be free from your wounded heart. BEHOLD  it is time for you to enter into HIS World of COLOR and let HIM heal your wounded heart!

You do NOT have to remain hidden inside wounds, pain and perceptions. #BEBRAVER! This is time to BREAK out of prison my friend and enter into ALL HE HAS FOR YOU.

#BeBrave – Read On

Healing the Wounded Heart/©Donna Reiners

What a secret life I’ve lived locked inside my heart.

What hidden pain inside that keeps me on my guard?

What protection have I known in the hidden-ness I see?

What kind of living is it when you live inside your dreams?

Break through my broken heart as I’ve seen the sin inside.

Break through the steel images – protection through the lies.

Break off whatever hurts that maintain the web that holds.

Break the mystery of the pain that makes me think I’m in control.

Be still oh wounded one and wait – the Truth will come.

Be still and taste and see and know the Goodness He has done.

Be still like a dark river before the coming of the day.

Be still and watch and listen as you hear what He will say.

Stop running from rejection that never plans to come.

Stop running from the very One Who wants to give His love.

Stop running and stand quiet as you hear His soft approach.

Stop running from the Silence that ended your reproach.

There’s kindness in His step as He walks over to you.

There’s a twinkle in His eye as His life is seen there too.

There’s release from your prison when you give yourself to Him.

There’s joy in captivity, His arms will hold you friend.

Healing and empowerment and His freedom will arise

As you look to His Son Jesus to walk right by your side.

So, don’t ignore the warnings that call you to your knees.

And don’t delay responding, He’s The Answer and The Key.

©Donna Reiners

Let HIM be your Friend and watch him…one day at a time…bring you healing and wholeness…because HE is good and He cares about your wounded heart and wants you to #BEBRAVER and enter into HIS world of color and heal your wounded heart.

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Until next time,


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