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Victim of Hate 5 of 5

Nowhere to Run

I grew up with a sister who wanted to love me but didn’t know how. She wanted to be loved and accepted just as I did; yet she too was unable to find a safe place for her heart. Frankly, I can say the same about sister number 3 and sister number 4 (who has now moved to heaven) – none of them were cared for in a way that made them feel loved, protected, cherished or honored. We were among the many dysfunctional families who did not know how to love or be loved and we had nowhere to run as wherever we ran – there we were. Even talking aloud was an issue because the fear of being verbally rejected was so strong. We wrote letters to each other to ask questions or confront issues. After I gave my life to Jesus, my sisters really wanted nothing to do with me – more than usual. Over time, the Lord melted their hearts and brought them out of their mindset of hatred, not only of me but also of  others. We were being set free. Through the power of consistent love and persistent prayer, each sister embraced love and embraced loving and being loved. Each can now tell you that His Love truly is a force that is stronger than death. Each one belongs to Him.

Never give up on your loved ones who seem to have turned their backs on you. It is not personal! They just need the real love of a tangible God Who loves them unconditionally. So, learn to love those unlovables who scare or intimidate you, and find yourself winning their hearts over to the Lord. Do not allow yourself to be a victim of hate and do not treat others as victims of hate. Let’s Pray together below!

Donna Reiners

Pray with me

Father, I have let the way others have treated me affect the way I treat myself as well as other people. God, I desire to see them and me through Your eyes so that I can forgive and go on. Jesus, where I have been a victim of hate and where those who have harmed me were victims of hate – God, I CRY OUT TO YOU! Help us oh God for we want to be like You! Surround me with people who have been healed by Your Holy Spirit and understand real pain. I love You and need You to heal my heart and soul and body in Jesus name.

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Until next time, d

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