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Under a Tree

Under a Tree ©Donna Reiners

Mom was available the majority of the time but there were a few occasions when she was not available to be my playmate. She took these opportunities to invite me to sit underneath a tree by myself and do some “constructive” thinking. Sooooooo funny – as if I knew what that meant when I was a little girl?!! But learn what it meant, I certainly did  – and –  I learned it fast. Though it got on my nerves when she deferred me to the tree – I now see the beauty and the brilliance in her thinking and the peace that comes as you train yourself to just  – be – under a tree. There I was seeking companionship and she was telling me to think about my life…fast forward into adulthood where we all find fillers to fill voids. Now, as an adult I understand her great wisdom and what she tried to instill in a small child who ached for friendship. Also, I thank God for the memory of a mom who cared enough to teach her daughter how she could do nothing yet still be somebody. We rarely stop to spend time with ourselves. We are so busy being human doings we have no idea how to become human-beings. Like any relationship, it takes time to get to know another person. This includes ourselves. #BeBraver and take time to get to know someone who is closer to you than anyone – you. There is an entire world – out there – waiting so how about you take some fresh action in living today? Consider yourself – your life – and make a decision to spend some time BEING instead of only doing – even if you need to do it…under a tree.

Until next time – please email to a friend.

Love – d

#BEBRAVER #Identity #Loneliness #Mothers

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