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Ugly is the New Fabulous

Ugly is the New Fabulous

©Donna Reiners

I’m FABULOUS now…but my ugly lasted way into my thirties. How about you? Did you know that ugly IS the new fabulous?

A true story

Let me tell you a story about early in my life. Our family was on vacation in Tennessee when I was around six or seven years old. Bored, I went riding on a bicycle in the neighborhood looking for something to do. I happened to come across a group of boys that were riding their bicycles down a street. Now, in this part of Tennessee, the roads were pretty hilly and this one had a steep dip and curve at the end of it but of course I did not know about it. The boys were bragging about how it was a really hard ride and how there was no way that a girl could ever do it. Since my pride never allowed me to back down from a challenge, I looked at those boys and looked down the hill (that I could not see the end of) and with confidence said, “No problem.” Frankly, I was scared to death but there was no way these “boys” were ever going to know it. Then, I took off ignored their little challenge and gone about my business. But I was young and good sense was not in my mind at that moment. Let me explain. As soon as I began to roll down the never ending hill, the bicycle picked up speed so fast that I had to lift up my feet to keep them from getting sliced from the pedals. You see, at that time, all bicycle had those little sharp pointed pedals. It was as if my life (all six or seven years of it) was passing before my eyes. I wondered quickly how I would ever stop the bike and before I knew it, I was reaching the end of the never ending deep rolling hill.


ALL OF A SUDDEN, I saw it and I felt the front of the wheel of my bike lift up in the air and me with it. Then, I flew out of the bike. Later the neighbors watching told me that my body soared as tall as the nearest pine tree.  They watched me fly and then saw me fall face forward into the gravel like substance that lay in the middle of the never ending road. Apparently, the bike had hit the gravel and caused it to flip and lose what little stability it might have had. In addition, later, doctors said I was fortunate I did not break every bone in my body because of the force of the fall. Some thirty-five years later, I still have the memory etched as scars where the gravel found my legs and arms. What resulted from this pride filled fall was two weeks of ice baths and broken front teeth that had to be capped with UGLY hideous silver and porcelain. I was then what myself and others considered a very ugly duckling. Sadly, I had to keep those ugly caps on my front three teeth until I was a freshman in high school. There was not a day that went by that someone did not make fun of me in some way regarding my looks. In other words, my school years were filled with mockery, sarcasm and I had the lowest self esteem imaginable. Needless to say  I grew up feeling very inferior, very insecure, very unwanted, very unaccepted and most definitely very very UGLY! Little did I know that Ugly is the new fabulous.

Words to inspire you and encourage you in your journey – 1 John 4:7 – Psalm 143:8 – Romans 8:28 – Philippians 1:6 – Romans 8:38-39


I turned 52 this year and I gotta say I feel like the ugly duckling was beautiful throughout my entire journey……..I just did not know it. WOW! Could this be the secret of confidence and acceptance per chance? I’m convinced that knowing WHO you are determines HOW you see yourself. HOW you see yourself determines what others see too. It is like this – PEOPLE see us through THE POWER OF OUR OWN PERSPECTIVE.

Let me ask you a question.

IS your identity in your looks (or your lack of looks?)

DO YOURSELF  a great favor! Go look yourself in the mirror and say with me, “UGLY is in the past! I AM FABULOUS!”

Say this several times. You need to say it so much that you begin to believe it. When you believe it then those around you will too. It is NEVER too late to see how fabulous GOD ALREADY MADE YOU! IT truly is all about perspective. Ugly IS the New Fabulous!

Pray with me:

Jesus, when I look in the mirror, I sometimes only see pain and heart break and ugly. No one around me really knows how miserable I am at times on the inside of me! Well, I want to experience and understand how You see me so that I can feel and think like the beautiful, hand chosen hand crafted person You love with a never-ending, ever-lasting love. I want to see me as You see me! I desire to look in the mirror and truly smile on the inside and not just on the outside. Help me God for I need to receive and comprehend this unconditional love You have for me. I give myself over to You and ask You to make Your love real. Free me from myself and bring me into Your great and perfect love. Let Your kingdom come and Your will be done as You have already determined in heaven. In Jesus name.

Jesus, I am willing to get to know You and I want You to get to know me. I’m afraid to have anyone really really know me deep within my heart. But, I recognize You are God and I cannot go on hiding from You. God, help me say goodbye to the ugly and hello to what and who I really am because ugly is the new fabulous.

Until next time!

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Donna Reiners

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