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Recalibrate ©Donna Reiners

©Donna Reiners Recalibrate!

Do you have a plan for this next part of the year? I’m thinking about you and thinking about our need to decide what direction to go into…for this latter half of the year. That’s right! It’s time to think ahead! We need to be taking care of business! So, decide what is your business and what is NOT your business! Make a list. Check it twice! Make a decision on what you want the latter half to look like and then LET’S TAKE ACTION TOGETHER!!


Do you have any unfinished projects you need to complete? Start now instead of the end of the year when you no longer have time to do anything about it! There are about two weeks left in June. What can you get done this month? Let me tell you my own personal plan – maybe it will encourage you. We are moving and though my attic has been completely cleaned out – now I have my garage and rest of my house to finish! What’s my plan? Every day I’m packing a box or more. First, I’m going through my house and removing all the pictures and decorations off the wall and putting them in boxes which I will mark for the room it is intended for in the new house. Second, I’m hitting one closet at a time and boxing, throwing and stowing! Third, I’m then headed into all our dressers and getting rid of what we no longer use. Fourth, I’m going after the kitchen where I’ll be giving those pans away I never use (a family member already has dibs on them) and then carefully considering what to do away with since our next house has far less kitchen space. So, what is your plan? Write it down and send it back to me! I’d love to hear and maybe we can keep each other accountable!! Blessings, Until next time – d

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