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LIGHT Your Own Storm

My friend, inside each of us we must face the Truth and BE LIGHT in our own storm instead of continually looking for a light to help us through the storm.

But it takes great intention to decide you have the goods to pass through this storm. BE Light. Be there for yourself.

Humiliation? Disappointment? Sickness? Discouragement? Denial? Not good enough? Feeling left out? You are not a victim. You are victorious.

Whatever your obstacle is, you can be your own light. It might feel dark and you might feel incapable but go look yourself in your own eyes…into your own heart and own pool of swirling emotions. Look past your hurt. Look past your pain. You HAVE to CHOOSE to see through what you feel into what is truth. These are different. One captures you and takes you into use and abuse you. But, Truth. Truth is different. Truth wraps arms around you and tells you not to the swirl and no to the confusion. Truth is a Person and that Person says look into your eyes one more time – look past the swirl and look into the eyes of Truth staring back at you from your own eyes. You are not alone. You WILL pass through this. Allow yourself to rise up into this new place of life and let Light be your Truth.

Be LIGHT in your own storm and love yourself as you do it.

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