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Fire in the Sky

I watched the fire break through the dark expanse in the sky. Black turned to blue as the backdrop for the red orange sight that licked the heavy clouds this morning. First I mindlessly glanced as I drove. Then, I glanced again with more awareness. Was something happening? I felt an unexpected nudge. From heaven? Then, I paid closer attention and allowed myself to watch. Clearly, I was being taken. I gave way to curiosity and then fascination kept me as I felt myself wondering what would happen next?? Was this hope? Expectancy? I remember hosting years of private trust. I remember years of training myself to look at life through the eyes of hope and expectancy. Then something came to dismantle not just my faith but me. It was a slow turn. It was so slow that I did not notice that I was being cooked like a frog in water. My heart had been massaged by a comforting but unforgiving darkness in the lukewarm temperature and now boiling water threatened my existence. How on earth did I get here? I watched fire completely consume the sky. I watched it overcome the clouds. I watched the fire take command and break up the dark dreary sky. Don’t get me wrong – even the dark clouds had had a certain mesmerizing power but it was nothing compared to this all powerful brilliant flame that took the sky and turned into a fiery glassy sky-sea – almost like blown glass of blue and pink and orange and red bubbles. It’s time to break through your clouds. Listen, this is the day you and I have been given. Perhaps today is your day to make a new decision. Maybe you will allow yourself to glance again…to hope again…to trust again…to Love… Maybe you will make your own light in the darkness. If you can’t look into the eyes of fire, then gather your strength and throw off the clothes of discouragement, despair and hopelessness. I’ll see you out there …living again.,,in the kingdom.. #bebraver #lightson #loveyourcity, #instaquote #quoteoftheday #mentalhealth #devotions #faithblogger #proverbs31 #proverbs31ministries #truthfortoday #truth #blogger #philosophy #positivity #possibility #spirituality

Bless you!

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