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Feeling Deep

Feeling deep thoughts for the deep thinkers in grief or pain.

The pain was so deep I could not touch it yet so close I could not get around it. Pieces of pain like glass splintered under the feet. Not sure how to move without cutting themselves. The Pain of the feeling the deep kind. The pain that calls, pulls and consumes. The pain of finality. The pain of no more. The pain of standing on the rock in strength…while you wait for joy. My compassion meter is strong but my rescue meter competes. It’s difficult to watch a loved one writhe in emotional pain. I want to take them in my arms until it subsides. I want to break through the boundaries they put in place to protect themselves. I want to help them move forward. Removing the memory connection will alleviate the instability that fearfully haunts and paralyzes them. Removing the raw real trauma frequencies that came into their body will help restore health, wellness of mind and stability of heart.

It doesn’t change what happened to them but it does give them clarity to make new decisions from peace not pieces. Don’t give up – you are close to the new you. You’re standing. You’re climbing. You’re stronger than you know. You’re one of a kind. You’re safe to feel. Safe to heal. Safe to grow. You have permission to feel your deep pain. You have permission to live again. If you’re not safe to feel alone, get with someone who can let you express your heart. One day you’ll see your strength. Receive truth and life. Love in the pain. Life through the tears. Union in the brokenness. New start with a fresh breath.

In the mean time, you get to say goodbye to those old patterns, old ways of thinking, old ways of living, old ways of rejecting the ones near you or rejecting yourself. You get to face your past and move past it – it is most definitely time.

One day you’ll feel joy. One day you’ll see intention and one day it will make sense. One day the strong strength of the rock will be infused into the memories. One day you’ll feel the sun again through the deep thinking. Feeling deep.

I love you- d

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