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Denial to Destiny

Denial to Destiny

Donna Reiners

Flabbergasted, I sit in awe of life and the struggle it has with death and how each of us must face moving from denial to destiny.

I just got off the phone with someone who told me her son asked her to kill him. What do you do with that? Where do you place that inside of you? How can that be? All I can say is the enemy – the devil – is a liar. His intent is to kill, steal and destroy and entrap us in denial. We cannot let our guard down for one minute. It’s just not worth it. The enemy takes us seriously – so we must do the same. The enemy has no awe of life and he certainly never wants us to move from denial to destiny.

A knife drawn. No awe of life. Complete denial of destiny.

There is resentment and bitterness deep inside a heart that seeks to kill or be killed. Unforgiveness screams. The enemy’s lies took captive a heart to prevent them from embracing love. Accusations toward God are loud. No awe of life brings death and it causes a person to remain in denial. Denial of value. Denial of love and life. Denial of God’s goodness and ultimately a denial of God Himself.

It’s not God’s fault.

Our God is not a killer contrary to the latest twist in the Noah movie. God is a lover and God moves with righteousness to right what we wrong – to bring love where we release hate – to bring good where evil is accepted and to be kind where unkindness is rampant. And to move us from denial to destiny.

Gird yourself up man or woman of God.

Gird yourself up.

If you are dealing with confusion read about – Doorway of Doubt

Move from denial to destiny – Check out this video of how Peter moved from denying Jesus to writing part of our church history. If he can do it – so can you!

All I can do is love that person. I cannot stop the son and I cannot change the mother but I can love when they cannot love themselves. Love is the answer. I have awe of life inside of me for them and I can see their destiny in Christ.

Jesus came to bring abundant life and the enemy remains fixed on his assignment to wreak havoc through destruction. Where I ask is your focus? Where is mine? Where is your awe of life? Are you in denial of your value? Can you move from denial to destiny?

Every moment of every day we have a choice to make where to place our thoughts and what kind of ideas flow from us into humanity around us. Someone somewhere around you is just waiting for a handshake, an open door, an encouraging word, a selfless action, a coffee, a treat, a smile. Love comes through our actions and it can break the power of denial and bring another into destiny. Yes, we must pray and sometimes it is the only action of love we can give – maybe the other person just cannot receive from you right now. Regardless, we love – through prayer, through actions. We show we have belief of our own destinies and the destiny of others through loving and being loved. We love ourselves – you need to have value for you. You have a future and you have a hope! God made you in His image. Get past the false humility wondering if God can ever use you. Honestly, I despise the phrase God wants to use you. I believe our Father God Almighty’s plan is not just to use – but HE lives through you and HE lives through me and He does so intentionally. He loves you. HE has awe of life through you to love others and wants a complete turn around from denial into destiny. Now, love those around you. Quit denying them love. Show value for those around you whom perhaps get on your nerves or are arrogant or fearful. This intentional God Who loves through us wants us to respond and show the world how HE has destiny for them.

So, the question is will we embrace this Intentional God living through us 24/7?

Wallow or Move Forward

The enemy loves to steal through offending us or causing another to be offended by us. This is his plan of attack and accusation – to cause unforgiveness to divide and destroy anyone pursuing God. Think of Jesus Who lived in the midst of betrayal. He still served even though HE knew denial was on the way.  Peter denied Jesus and Jesus even warned Peter about it. Peter did not believe he would ever deny Him and yet that is exactly how life played out  – he denied Jesus. When it was all said and done –  Peter had a decision to make – he could wallow in his past of denying the One Who believed in him and go hang himself like Judas OR he could pick himself up and move forward and discover his destiny. Jesus even gave Peter his assignment before the denial took place! Jesus told Peter that after he was converted, Peter was to strengthen the church. Guess what? Peter had a destiny! Peter wrote part of the New Testament. Peter was a Christ follower and then Peter had folks follow him as well. Peter had to grab hold of his own value and grab his own mantle when it was all said and done and move forward into his own calling. Peter moved from disciple to apostle when he moved out from his failure and moved into position to receive God’s love and God’s abundant life. He moved from denial to destiny.

Maybe your call is to be famous and rock the world with a million followers! Maybe your call is to be famous only in your own home and rock your family with your love. Whatever the call is – receive the LIFE that goes along in it to bring you into HIS will and to KEEP you in HIS will and to move you into destiny.

Let not the enemy steal from you any longer. Let not the enemy kill yet another dream, another thought or another opportunity. Let not the enemy destroy you any more. Instead, rise up and confront what confronts you.


Be BOLD in loving you and be bold in loving others. If they do not love you back – don’t take it personally – just take them to God. Be RESPECTFUL in how you treat you and how you talk about others. TAKE ACTION to show respect for you and those around you. Be VICTORIOUS OVER YOUR PAST…its time…take that one habit that drives you crazy and conquer it! Read here how to Take Back Your TIME and conquer your past. This will ENCOURAGE YOU more than anything else has in a long time.

When you embrace living and loving you will develop a sense of value for yourself and others and you will indeed find an awe of life and you too will move from denial to destiny.

Until next time,


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