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Climb the Mountain to See the View

So, here we are again on the same side of the mountain we were twenty years ago. When will it ever change? When will victory be experienced in real life and not just in that spiritual zone where everyone says the Victory has been won? All I can say is there is no sin in starting again. The truth is that you have to climb the mountain to see the view.

What IF You Never Make It?

Maybe – just maybe – you will never make it to the top. What then? Does that make you or me a loser? If so, then we are gauging our life by our do instead of our Who. I know that is not supercharisfragilisticomatic language but true nevertheless. Does this mean it is okay that you give up and turn back or sit down and stop moving? Not at all. What does it mean then? Ever so often you must make an evaluation of your real life – not the life others see on the surface but the one you live in the deep. Then, you need to make some decisions. What do you want? What does God want? Then, what is the plan to bring about the wants? If you don’t have one then you probably won’t have the courage to start again – to dream again – to plan again – to live again. You must climb the mountain to see the view.

Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail

A friend told me recently that if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. She and I were discussing health and eating and food choices and how to keep those meals a coming and how to not be taken off guard on the days of RUSH. But, truly such a statement pertains to all of life’s goals, dreams, wishes and wants. I’m over fifty now and those goals, dreams, wishes and wants have indeed changed through the years. I’m getting to a place where the making of a single memory with a close friend or partner in life is as valuable to me as my own greatest personal desire coming forth. Why? Because as I make memories and hug necks and encourage hearts – it reminds me that I am not alone in my journey and others are also not alone. WE ARE a community as we climb the mountain to see the view.


One more thought – no one should walk out life alone. I know that it is ultimately me and God – I get that. However in the context of me and God, we should BE BRAVE and BOLDLY grab another person to walk out life with us. That being said – if you have not been able to climb the mountain – perhaps it is time you rise up in a fresh RESPECT and get some new tools for the journey. Take ACTION and grab a friend who also has had difficulty making the climb and maybe – just maybe – you should – with an attitude of great VICTORY – dig your way through. Either way my friend and however you wish to make your trip – let us ENCOURAGE one another as we continue our climb in, on or through the mountain so that we can see the view – together.

Until next time, d

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