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Be Authentic w Crystal McClung


With yourself, with others…

Why is authenticity so difficult to walk in?

Why are we so consumed with what others think?

Why are we willing to be friends but not speak truth our souls so desperately need?

Living in fearless authenticity – what does that look like?

Authentic, genuine, bona fide mean being actually and exactly what is claimed. Authentic implies being fully trustworthy.

Choosing to be authentic with yourself, you are willing to be trustworthy of your own emotions, thoughts, actions. How trustworthy are we with ourselves when we are trying to live up to other’s approval?

When can we feel authentic enough to call a friend and be honest with where we are in the moment?

It’s time to find your authentic voice!

It’s time to unleash your authentic voice!

You are worth it!

You were designed with it!

Need some coaching on where to it find it? How to unleash it? PM for details

Your voice has never sound so empowered!

If in Colorado – Crystal can help you find the real you! Find her on Facebook.

For the Houston area, find Donna and let her help you find the true you – Connect with Donna


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