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New Day with
Donna & Dr Kami

Integrate Your Emotions


Hello from Donna & Dr Kami

Welcome to "A New Day for You with Donna and Dr. Kami" – your transformative journey to emotional integration and personal empowerment.
Join us as we guide you through the art of mastering your emotions, reshaping impulsive responses, and rewiring your self-perception.
Are you ready to embark on a path of self-discovery with the compassionate support of Donna and Dr. Kami?
Register now to be part of our exclusive Subscription Membership group, where we offer monthly coaching sessions designed to nurture your growth and well-being. As a member, you'll receive coaching that illuminates the path to harmonizing your emotions and thoughts. Learn practical strategies to manage impulsivity and cultivate a more positive self-image. Spend invaluable group time with Donna and Dr. Kami, who are committed to helping you unlock your full potential. Don't let another day pass without taking action towards the life you deserve. Register now and step into a new day – a day for you. Join us, and together, let's transform your tomorrow. Coaching Classes TBA.


YES! I want to know more about being coached in your membership group. 

Awesome! We will talk soon!

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