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Your Dawn in the Dark

It is dark and it feels like your life is over. I get it. But is that Truth? Pinch yourself. Can you feel it? Do you know you touched your own skin? Then, it is not over. See your own DAWN in the dark. Pinch yourself again. Remind yourself again. Look yourself in the eyes. Look past the pain and disguise. See into yourself. Look for your dawn in the dark. Be your own Dawn in the dark. You can do it – one step at a time.

Hug your own body. Tell yourself you are okay. No more ugly speaking to yourself night and day. Can you see a fresh tomorrow? Take your own hand. You have purpose. There is a plan. Do not give away your own life for shifting sand. Rise up and feel the concrete underneath your feet. Your breath is important. Feel your own heart beat. It is not so dreary or stark. Look for your dawn in the dark. Love, d

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