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What if I told you …

What if I told you that everything is just fine, just fine. But deep on the inside, it’s far from fine. What if you knew that I was stressed and over-the-top overwhelmed. Would you reach out? Or would you think I’m just exaggerating…

I admit this is one of those days when I’m having trouble breathing and I just wonder if I can do what is on my plate. I wonder if I am capable of everything I see that I need to address. Today is that day.

I reacquainted myself today with someone I knew when I was a young girl. She and I used to be playmates. We had the best fun. She had no idea that my mom had died when I was 18 because she left when she was 18 to get away from a very strange and strong circumstance.

I can’t really say that my experience has made me stronger. Mostly my experiences broke me and depressed me and caused me to want to give up. They caused me to shut down. They caused me to run away.

Thankfully, here I stand. But it’s not from my circumstances. It’s because of my spirit alive in Christ. I’ll always be thankful for the God inside who never gave up on me And still doesn’t. Where does my help come from? Maker of heaven, earth and you & me.

Until soon.


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