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Today is Important 2 of 2

Impatient or I’m Patient?

Memories are Precious! ©Donna Reiners


Today, I challenge you to love and be loved. This does not always look as pretty and as care free and as effortless as the love movement broadcasts. Sometimes, being loved means to shut up and listen instead of talk talk talk and miss what that person (even when their mind seems to be gone) has to say.. Other times, it means to slow down and take that extra 5 minutes….okay….30 minutes to an hour to ready someone else instead of yourself for the day. Admittedly, it’s like getting last chair but somewhere in the Big Book, He talks about how the last are first…so really…it’s to your benefit in the long run…to be kind and loving instead of impatient. Oh…so….I think I just saw something with that word impatient….think……I’m Patient!! This spells impatient. WAHLAH!!! Where the enemy wants to steal, kill or destroy our fruit….God says…HA!!! The joke is on darkness because when our patience is tried……………it turns us from impatient to I’M PATIENT – you get it?? AND today is important!!


Ok. This is all for today…this is like a semi interruption in the middle of the day…we all need each other. Not one of us can live life alone successfully for too long. I need you. You need me. You need that lady who tries your patience and I get to learn that I’m Patient 🙂 I would LOVE for this woman, who is staying with us right now, to be completely and totally healed from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet so that she could feel her value again….so she could see her own personal worth…in HIM…in HIS lovingkindness and in HIS Patience….and so I continue to stand in Him for that sort of move….and at the same time….I look at the cross and how Jesus dealt with our enemies there…without fanfare…but on a cross…crucified…blood spilled…so that perhaps we can endure one more day…so that we can love one more day…so that our perspective is from His vantage point…one more more time…until….we all are with Him when we leave the planet and that along the way we find memories are precious and that each today is important.

Pray with me:

Father, I need You this day to help me #BEBRAVER and live out life with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self control. Move in my life God. Move in those I care for and love and work with and serve. Move in me to let You change me and so much that I’m not worried about today or tomorrow or yesterday. Move in me so that I am content to be….just be….in You, in the calling You have called me into and that place deep inside where You love me where nobody sees but me and You. I know You have called my day to be filled with precious memories and that today is important to me, to You to those around us. In Jesus name, today is Important!

To be continued…

Send this to friends who would appreciate remembering that today is important.

Until next time, d

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