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The Online Dilemma

Hello there! Pondering about this online space where you promote yourself, your family, your lives, your business, your ministry, your books, your family.

A place for the world to peek into your life. It used to be a social network.

A place to get to know another person. But with 3.4 thousand (friends) … on Facebook ... not sure about IG. I have been writing in those spaces… Without writing here, in my actual blog. We changed from WordPress… And for some reason it just kinda discombobulated me.

How many really know me and how many do I know?? Do you know me??

Online is now publicly and locally and globally a space to use as your family album, a place to vent, fill up loneliness, promote or find church services, purchase, sell.

You can make a living.

Use it as a Business center,

Cooking show,

Counseling center,

Therapy hub,

Medicinal participant,

Holistic choice,

House selling.

Jewelry. Sleep aid.

Book selling,

Network marketing,


Fitness development,

Do it yourself anything,

Teaching anything,

Traffic anything.

Pose as anyone or anything.

Write anything.

Be a poet.

Advertise your brand.

Get your point across.

Make movies,

Sell anything,

Emotional outlet,

Vacation spot …

Political outlet.

Find people to talk to.

Share your insight with..

Pray for others

Be prayed for.

Be preyed on …

You name it.

What do you use it for?

You can …

Sell anything.

Get to know anyone.

You can tweak it.

You can judge it.

But you don’t own it so you can’t change it.

The truth is that we aren’t using this platform.

This platform is using us.

You can be privately used.

You can be publicly used.

You can:

Shut it down.

Downsize it.

Start over.

Enlarge it.

Enjoy it.

Hate it.

Or use it to benefit yourself and others!!

But you can’t control it cause …

It’s controlling us...

It uses our time while our lives pass before us … we share our hearts, successes, failures, babies first steps, sometimes our parents last words. It’s turned into a place to share our lives with those we will never meet personally and a space to grow and develop.

This Online Dilemma is neither good nor bad.

It just is what it is.

Be present with the one with you in the flesh friends... cause the online viewers can only give you an air hug ❤️.

For instance this is me drinking a coffee expresso with coconut milk…

With you.

But not with you.

All at one time.

Donna Reiners

What are your thoughts??

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