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The Cover Up 1 of 5

The Cover Up

©Donna Reiners

I remember the smell of baby powder as I walked into the nursing home.  It was an overwhelming scent. It was as if someone poured an entire container of it into a corner so that the odor of the powder would overcome the smell of sickness and urine. The cover up.

Have you ever walked down a hallway and looked into the eyes of those who simply stared back blankly as if you were a wall? You imagine waving your hand over their eyes just to see response. Are the lights on? Is anybody home? You have to choose not to be dissuaded by a blank gaze that is the cover up.

Feeble Giants

If you will make your visit with that one person not about you but about them then the task is not as difficult. Your ears won’t be shut by your own offense. You see, the truth is that those looks from the seemingly empty hearts are really an almost audible voice whispering loudly from the heart of God, “Will you take a moment to say hello to Me? Will you shake My hand and just pretend you respect Me? Will you simply stop long enough to look Me into the eye and demonstrate that I once had significance? These once giants wait feebly and intentionally at the thresholds of their rooms with zero interest on their face – yet it is a test for you and for me. What they really want is a smile or a kind hello.  They want you to say their name with joy and recognition as if they are your closest friend though maybe you have never met them and maybe you won’t ever see them again. Most don’t give you the satisfaction of showing any facial change when you do stop because they don’t want pity – they want genuine interest. They want to know if you can see through the cover up.

We must decide to love no matter what the smell, the look, the response. It is not easy. But, it is God’s way. HE loved us even when we said no AND HE loves us now even when we say no OR act like we are saying no. Let’s LOVE and then maybe …through the impact of one smile at a time…one hand shake at a time…one eye contact at at time…one at a time will say yes to being loved by us.

Pray with me – God, help me to LOVE so that a world will know Your Love.

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To be continued…

Love, d

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