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Take it Back!


It’s time to TAKE IT BACK! What you say?

Take back your house. Take back your car. Take back your marriage. Take back your relationships. Take back your privacy. Take back your rest. Take back your time! Take back your job. Take back your position. Take back your body! Take back your kitchen. Take back your success! Take back your joy! Take back your direction! Take back your garage. Take it ALL back!

Take back your LIFE.

It is time to TAKE IT BACK!

TAKE BACK where you were headed and get back on track!

Take back your FOCUS! Turn from distractions!

Take back your courage! Turn from fear filled living! BE BRAVE! This is YOUR day! Take it back!

Take back your joy! Give your despair, depression and despondency back to darkness!

Take back your success! Tell failure to take a hike! That’s right BE BOLD about it!! Say it with me, “Just because I fail doesn’t mean I’m a failure! I’m a success!” Take it back!

What are you waiting for?

What on earth are you waiting for?? Are you waiting for someone else to move first? Stop waiting! Write down what you want to take back!

Stop waiting for you too! Just get moving…. It is SOOOO past time to LIVE YOUR LIFE  – read about how to live by clicking on –  LIVE YOUR LIFE!

Quit your dying and take back your living – its an action step – not a place of passivity! You will not always “feel” like doing the next smart thing you need to do! If you are wanting to be successful in a specific area then you must follow up and follow through! Don’t give up just shy of completion!


Be BOLD and decide today is a new day to take it back!

Be RESPECTFUL to yourself and take back that negativity toward yourself!

Be ACTIVE and let yourself take back procrastination and move forward!

Be VICTORIOUS and truly let the past be in the past and take back your future!

Be ENCOURAGING for yourself and take back all the discouragement, beating yourself up and the like and encourage yourself! Be good to YOU!

So, today I did took a bold step….mind you…you might think it is very bold and that is okay. I may need to take steps you have already taken and vice versa. Would you like to know what I took back today?


Yes indeed and in doing so, I cleared out meat from 2010…yes…that’s some old food I’d say. You know, when I was a kid, I just assumed we kept food for years and years. I grew up never knowing about an expiration date on items! LOL! So, if it was in the freezer, we just ate it! Also, I grew up with parents who shopped at a military base once a month at the commissary. Guess what? That meant that we got a whole bunch of food at one time to last us for an entire month. We purchased frozen foods, canned items, dried goods, etc. Back when I was a kid, we ate very little fresh vegetables unless we grew them ourselves.

Interestingly, I realized today as I threw out food that was truly no longer tasty, that my mind needed to change in how I shop. You see, I looked at some of the items that were expired and saw clearly that I would purchase something and then not use it…..WHY did I purchase it….why so …..I would have it….when I needed it! YIKES! I waited up to 4 years to use an item of frozen green beans and meat. Obviously, my mind got a little distorted in the freezer.

So, today I decided it was time to take it back! My friend Tammy drove in from Dallas today and she helped me as I took back my freezer! I have a few other places in my house I’ll be taking back as well but in the mean time, I’m happy about today’s accomplishment…its one more step toward taking back my kitchen and my house! So, what is your goal? Do you have anything coming up in your mind? Write it down!


I learned something today as I confronted my need to have food in the freezer – that I’m shopping like my parents shopped and guess why they shopped at the commissary? They shopped at the commissary yes because Dad had been in the Navy but do you know why else they shopped in bulk? They shopped bulk because of how THEY had been raised…which was during the Great Depression!

Oh my! It dawned on me today that my shopping habits are partially from a poverty mindset! There is no day like today to move forward from an old way of thinking into a new way of thinking. I’m not getting any younger! As a matter of fact, I talk about getting older here!

Therefore, today is MY NEW DAY IN MY OWN MIND!!

Scriptures read in Romans 12 that we are not to be conformed to the image of the world but we should be transformed (transfigured) by the renewing (the renovation) of our minds… In other words, if I’ll renew my mind, God will supernaturally transfigure me to be more like Him! There is a practical work of renovating the mind and there is a supernatural work too!

So, what is it you need to take back? I’m exchanging my poverty for a mindset of plenty! What about you my friend?

Where do you need to start?

Write a comment below and tell me what you want to take back will you? What are you to take back and HOW are you going to do it? We all need encouraging ideas!

Be sure and follow my blog if you are not yet please? NOW – decide today to #BEBRAVER! Take it back! Tell me what! Tell me how if you want to as well and let’s take back our lives together! Ready? TAKE IT BACK!

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