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Slippery Slope of hurt

Some years ago I was hurt by something out of my control and none of my business. That hurt permeated my belief system and operated as an offense. My unoffendable heart became so offended that I stepped away from loving the church. I had turned into a slippery slope of hurt, unbeknownst to me and it subtly and openly demonstrated itself through personal fault finding and criticism of the church. Regrettably, when I objectively peer into my own heart I can see how I stepped away from pursuing God with my entire being. This is of course what the enemy was after – my relationship with God, my love for His word and loving others. It was a subtle yet slippery slope as I allowed disappointment to encase my heart. All it takes is a little lie to stop you from trusting  Him, others and yourself.

If you have been a reader of this blog for a while, I’m sure you caught the turn from loving unconditionally to criticizing. Will you forgive me?

Forgiving unconditionally is the key to loving unconditionally and the cross made room for all.  When you hold unforgiveness it affects all parts of your being – your thoughts – your words and your actions  I asked God some time ago to restore me to His original intent – HE and I are on a journey of discovery. I’m learning who I am as His daughter. I’m learning who I am without the opinion of others. I’m learning who I am when I’m wrong in my flesh yet still righteous in Him.  I’m learning to live as if already forgiven. And I’m learning to live as if others are already forgiven too. Join me in this adventure with Him…

Until soon,


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