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She is THAT Mom!

I know a mom I want to talk about today. If you are a mom, then maybe this is you? I mean, she is THAT Mom.

There is a short video at the end!

I see her frequently. I notice she is tireless yet tired. Truthfully, she is exhausted. She is never sick though exposed to sickness all the time – after all – her little darlings are all carriers of the germ kind – cute but germ carrying children. Actually, this mom does get sick but you rarely know it because she is not really allowed to be sick. She goes NOT get sick days!! I have decided she is like a super hero.  Think about it. She is the go to Mama! She rescues the entire family! No one even thinks once that Mama could get sick. NOPE. AND if she IS sick…no one really notices because the clothes still get washed, the dinner still gets cooked, the children still get bathed, the house still gets cleaned and the groceries still get purchased. Did I mention that “she’s that mom” also works full time? In addition, Moms are like God because Mom’s can’t be in bad moods. Seriously, who understands when Mom is in a bad mood? Really. How can you be in a bad mood when that precious one just challenged every single bone in your body? In addition, you have this little thing called time alone. Wait? What is that? Why on earth would any Mom want time away? That precocious little adorable baby is her joy and surely she wants to know every single solitary step of his life from the moment he wakes to the moment he sleeps! The reason she lives! The reason she gets up every single morning. Precious one is her sunshine. Yes. Right. No one gets if she needs some time alone because everyone knows that you can talk to Mom 24/7 without stop and without fail. Even in the bathroom, you can see little fingers crawling underneath the door crying Mama Mama Mama. The reason I think this is like God is because we talk to God all the time with rarely thinking maybe God might have something on His mind to share with us. On Mother’s day, where most would understand it is a day to give the mom the day off…little ones came up to this mom and said they wanted something to eat and although she replied but it’s Mother’s Day….the little boy responded with YES and you’re the MOTHER!! I have a shout out to ALL the moms today who weathered children….or are still weathering them…I congratulate you! OR if you have had the courage to love parents or grandparents in their older years when they become more like children (where you have to clean up after them after meals or change their diapers or help them walk without falling down) then – I put you all in the category of She is THAT Mom!.

PS this could be written about THAT DAD TOO. Just stop and thank God for whoever is this person in your life or WAS that person in your life. If you are alone and feel unwanted or unthanked then YOU thank God for you!! Bless you friend – you are important! You are significant! Special!

I realize many of my readers are single or have no children or have never been a parent – please just appreciate the woman mentioned…have a blessed day!

Until next time my friend – follow me for weekly encouragement!

A short video to encourage you to KEEP HOLDING ON!!


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