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Sewage Ditch

Fearless Friday – Sewage Ditch/ When I was a little girl, this was my nickname. Not from my family. This name was penned by boys and girls who made regular fun of me. Needless to say, my childhood was miserable most of those school days. Sadly, I cried myself to sleep almost nightly – for years. I allowed those words to define me. I thought little of myself because others seemingly felt little of me. One day, my mom took notice of my plight and gave me some advice. Basically, she told me that I needed to ‘never let them see me sweat.”

In other words, it was time to rise above the words spoken against me. It was time to learn how to walk away from a fight and to be unoffended by ugly spoken words.

That summer she challenged me to not let the boys upset me. She challenged me to smile back. When they yelled at me, “You are a sewage ditch”, she challenged me to respond to them, “then you must be the sewage.”

It took great courage for me to confront those boys and girls. It took an effort for me to look them in the eye and calmly respond without going to pieces. I obeyed my mom and responded similarly for about two years. Eventually, the kids stopped making caustic remarks because it no longer upset me. No longer was it fun to make fun of me. What is my point??

If you will choose to not allow people’s remarks to control YOUR attitude / eventually, you will be in peace, not pieces.

Think about what YOU can do to change your tomorrow by changing how you respond today.


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