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Protect Yourself

Motivated Monday -It is God’s desire for us to stand in a firm place, to Behold Him and sing praises to Him, so that others will taste and see and know that HE is the Lord God Almighty, and put their trust in Him. So, if you have been in a pit by choice and you know it, today is the day for you to choose freedom. Cry out to the Lord! Change your mind about desiring to stay in pity and choose this day to desire freedom. If you are willing to agree with God and trust Him in freedom, then He will answer you and pull you OUT of the pity of depression, pain, and grief and give you a firm place to stand. What about you? Have you ever realized how your “horrible circumstance” could have been avoided by taking some very simple steps? How did you respond? Can you see any walls in your own heart that came into existence when you were young – maybe you were careful to protect yourself from feeling emotions that would cause you pain? In Jesus name, let’s pray together – God, I come out of agreement with protecting me from you and everyone else. I choose to trust You. Show me!!  Help me. Amen.

Until soon and much love – d

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