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No Not Ever

Motivated Monday -What happens when life happens and when it is all said and done, you realize looking back that you had a choice? What do YOU do when you realize you could have had control over your circumstance? You were wronged. Do you allow hatred for what occurred to consume your mind? You made the wrong choice. Do you allow what will never be to make you pessimistic? Choices. We live by them and we die by them.  You know what? Sometimes we have happy times and all is well, and we are on cloud nine. Other times we may have deep sorrow and unexplainable hardship. Perhaps we lose a loved one to cancer or pre-mature death? Perhaps a child dies, and it is so painful and confusing and we wonder how something of that nature could happen. Perhaps we stopped feeling anything so long ago that we don’t know how to feel at all. Let me just tell you that if you built up walls of defense, they will keep you from being loved and from being in pain. The twist is that whatever pain you have already experienced will also be trapped within those same walls …that pain will have no way to get out if it is never addressed. We cannot go back. That is so true. But, we can forgive ourselves for the past which has determined our today. We can let go of what has held us in a stand still place in order to allow ourselves to move forward. It is time to never go back…no not ever.

Until soon and much love,


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