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Merry Christmas

Hello there. May you know you are loved. Be not dismayed nor discouraged nor disappointed. If you feel you are not good enough, or that you can’t seem to do things right for those around you or old wounds threaten to remind you of who you no longer are… be encouraged,

The cross is for the imperfect, the misunderstood, the criticized, the dishonored, the unloved and unlovely as well as those that seem to have it all together. We are all in process. So forgive quickly. Do not allow yourself to make fresh vows to protect you in the future. The very thing you want to avoid will end up showing up with a vengeance in your future and then you will start a drama cycle all over again.

Just love and forgive and treat one another with kindness. Remember your way of being kind may be different than someone else’s. I truly believe everyone is doing the best we can do. We all love different because we are all different. Take a deep breath. Then breathe again.

It’s ok. You are ok. You are important. You are significant. You are precious.

Honor is what love looks like and honor is learned over time. If you feel beaten up or run over, it could be the person in front of you feels the same way. Don’t take it personal. Just love. Love looks different on everyone and maybe you just don’t know how to love each other.

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