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Love anyway

Devastation comes. It seems people have turned against you. Maybe someone thinks you have turned against them. Maybe none of it is correct. Perhaps it is just misconstrued perspective or an opinion that is not in truth.

Emotions flare up. Bad news comes. Someone dies. Another one gets sick. Someone gets fired. Words are said that are harsh or critical.

What on earth do you do? Loving one another no matter what is critical. Life takes turns. Do not allow your heart to be callous towards anyone.

Much of my life I was verbally and non-verbally abused. I do not know many who have not experienced unhealthy relationships. This I know is your spouse is not perfect and your family is not perfect. Your friends are imperfect. Emotions rise up and words are said that are not always meant. How are you to respond? Will you write someone off because of something they say in the midst of overwhelming feelings? If you do not know someone’s heart, you will do just that.

When anger is high and vision is dim, let a soft answer turn away wrath. Love the person who is unlovely. If they are spewing out hatred at you it’s because they feel that way about themselves.

Give the benefit of the doubt. Think righteous thoughts about them. Love anyway. Even if they choose not to love you in return.


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