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Let’s Go! Spot On-Jason A Hodge

I thought you would enjoy this short but powerful insight from Jason A. Hodge w Medical Fitness Pros:

Last week my 2 year old son stood in the laundry room trying to play with things that he shouldn’t have. He found some cans of apple juice and laid them on the floor and I can only assume he was going to get something else down next or perhaps try to stand on them… who knows with the mind of a 2 year old. To distract him I convinced him to race towards me by saying, “ready, set, GO!”. He ran towards me and i grabbed him and threw him into the air as he giggled uncontrollably. He was so excited that he wanted to do it again. So what did he do?

He stood behind the cans again, looking at me, waiting for the encouragement to run to me again. And he repeated this process over and over again, that day, and the next day, and the next day. Each time standing behind the same cans in the same place. He decided in his mind that in order to run to me he had to stack things on the floor, stand in the same position, and by doing this he would get what he wanted, me giving him the opportunity to run to me at blazing speed so I could snatch him up into the air. As silly as it seems, we do the exact same thing.

We think we have to do things perfectly right in order for Him to hear us and answer our prayers. I sinned recently, I didn’t read my Bible enough, I didn’t pray enough, I have to pray this certain way, I have have to get this specific person to pray for me,etc… We are the ones being legalistic about it, not Him. Sure, He’ll let us create our games and habits, but they aren’t His. He just wants to love us. It’s not what we do, it’s the relationship with Him. That’s it!

He had plans for us and He wants to see them happen, but He’s sitting there watching us stack our cans to stand behind them just right so that we will then look to Him, anxiously awaiting the GO sign. He doesn’t need you to do some stinking pattern to answer your prayer or work in your life. He just wants you to look to Him so you can hear Him say, “come to me as fast as you can, I love you, let’s GO!”

Find Jason in Katy Texas –

Wasn’t that an awesome understanding? May we simply run to Him! Let’s go!!

Until next time -?Donna Reiners

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