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It's Been a While w/Donna Reiners

I have not written in a while. Working out life and sometimes death ...

with a smile through the trial. We take steps you think ..

But they take you to the brink .. Thinking you might sink. And then you blink. What do you do when you don't know what to do? Sometimes you just need a little help from your friends. You ask but it makes no sense to them. You don't want to ask because it is humbling you see. Yet again, most won't understand why it's important to me. Did you know that you can: Have a grin on your face. Not even cry one trace. Have money in the bank. Yet feel like you may tank. A man came to our door. A new born on his floor. We did not bat an eye and thanked God we would ... Help him keep his home because we could. Do you make mistakes and see reality? Life happens as we grow and develop as humanity. Different things than we ever did before...

Vulnerable as we soar. At times unable and insecure . I'm confident and strong and dancing in step. Along the way so many lessons about myself. Moving into more and more of the real me.

Walking a tight wire and taking a knee. It is a tight wire. Feeling so dire. Most don't understand. It is the quicksand. And this grace? Well, they just disappear. They say bye bye as you shed your tears. May be your darkest night. The world went quiet. Find your why in misunderstandings and confusions. Lean into strength and find a fusion. Life in place of death ... laughter not despair... Listen to Life and Love not condemnation or lack. God has your back. Do not prepare for what you fear the most. Prepare for a future filled with abundance ..... Life not death. Bless you friend in your journey. I pray you will find strength and confidence as you face your dark night...may you know that you know that you are the strongest Light. Are you preparing for what you fear? Take a deep breath and feel Father near. ©2023 Donna Reiners

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