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HOPE Says I’ll Keep Going

My precious friend – Hope says I’ll keep going.

But what do you say? Are you willing to take one more step though you feel as if you do not have it in you?

I’m here to encourage you and tell you that yes you have it in you. Though you may have dreams that seem to be on the back burner – rest assured – you are not on the back burner. This is not false hope. This is not false encouragement. You can move forward. If you do not have energy to take a true step then mentally take a new step toward life and living. Expect Life to meet you and expect love to greet you and expect yourself to keep going. I know what it feels like and that one saying – I’ll keep going – has kept me in days when I felt it was not possible. So, say it with me, “I’ll keep going.” Until soon and much love – d

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