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glass churches

We live inside our glass churches pointing the finger at one another while excusing our own behavior. Gladly and sadly I am aware of years I’ve lived unloving to myself and others. Love is the answer. Love however is not usually found within the four walls of our glass churches.

All we need is love. We hear songs about love and we talk about love but I’m not sure many of us really understand how to actually do it….love that is. It is a me me me society with a me me me matters type of feeling. I get it. We need to be built up. Hec I even write books to help folks with personal issues of self esteem. So, I really do understand. The problem is that after we work on the “me” …we get stuck there and the me moves into a movement of myself and I until you and them no longer matter or exist…and all that remains is truly me, myself and I.

There have been times in my life when I was ashamed to say I was “one of those” Christian folk. Why you ask? Because I was the greatest hypocrite of all and I attended the glass church religiously. Deep inside me I was clueless on how to love you or them, much less me, myself or I. Inside me I knew Jesus was supposed to be the love of all loves and I should have it all together because…gulp…everyone else did… 🙂 Of course that was a lie and the very ones I saw weekly in the glass church who corrected me behaved not so righteously themselves one day. So, maybe I was not as alone as I thought I was over a decade ago. True colors always come out even in glass churches.

Interestingly we watched a movie tonight called Insurgent and it is the second move after the first which was called Divergent. Anyhow, its a rough movie in some areas but I noticed something incredible about it – they got it – the girl’s worst enemy was herself. Self Hatred. Unforgiveness. She had to embrace not being offended and not reacting out of anger. It was the test she had to pass and when she passed it …well…you need to see the movie – I won’t spoil it for you.

What am I saying? If you hate yourself then get some help and work it out – forgive yourself, the ones who abused you and used you and move forward. If you have already done this part of your life assignment then get out there in the world and help someone who needs help. Get out of you and get into loving others with measurable, doable deeds of significance from taking out your neighbor’s trash to paying for the widow’s groceries to taking flowers to the lady whose husband divorced her because she got fat and ugly. Of course he is fat and ugly too but for some reason that did not cross his mind when he told her he no longer loved her…somehow that whole forever commitment left him. DO something to make someone else smile again. It could literally save someone’s life – you just never know and it might even touch someone in our glass churches who will be that ONE who changes an entire city with the true love of God.

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