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Fear of Man 2 of 2

Fear of Man ©Donna Reiners

Fearing God is wisdom…

Isa 8:13-14 The Lord of hosts–regard Him as holy and honor His holy name [by regarding Him as your only hope of safety], and let Him be your fear and let Him be your dread [lest you offend Him by your fear of man and distrust of Him]. And He shall be a sanctuary [a sacred and indestructible asylum to those who reverently fear and trust in Him]; but He shall be a Stone of stumbling and a Rock of offense to both the houses of Israel, a trap and a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem.

The Hope in Fear

God was supposed to be my only hope of safety but instead; my fear became my hope and safety. I was more afraid of my dad than I was of anything or anyone when I was a child. He terrified me right down to the souls of my feet. Why? To be honest, I am not certain why I feared him. He mellowed out when I was born – stopped drinking heavily and quit being so mad all the time. My sisters on the other hand experienced his fits of temper and paid a price for his anger. They saw the side of Daddy, which I can honestly say, I am grateful to have missed. If I had only walked with God, then He could have been my sanctuary instead of my fear of man!

All I knew was fear and self-confidence and self-reliance and independence. I truly needed no one and I made that clear to those around me. Years later of course, I came to know the Only Truth Giver and was able to reach a change of mind regarding all the lies I had believed.Without meeting the Lord, I would have continued living life for myself until I was gray and would still be miserable living in my own sin of the fear of man.

Do you know the Lord my friend? Have you made Him your sanctuary? Your Safe Place? Your Confidence? Have you lived your life with the fear of man? Do you rely solely on your own strength to go through your day-to-day life? If so, would you consider giving yourself over to the Lord and making Him your Refuge? Let God turn your victim days into days of VICTORY!

Pray With Me

I admit that I have let others dictate the way I live my life simply because I have been afraid to defy them. I desire to trust myself and trust You with my decisions. I come out of agreement in letting others control and manipulate me. I have a change of mind this day about how I have responded to other people’s wants. I will, from this point on, seek You first and Your opinion before being so quick to say yes to those around me. Let me no longer be consumed with the fear of man. I love You and need You to direct me and heal me deep in the core of my being. Show me how to honor in the midst of living life with those who have no clue what honor means. In Jesus name Amen.

If you read this far you might be interested in a fiction story…kind of like a soap opera really – I released the 3rd part in the Other Side of the Road and am preparing to release FROM the Other Side of the Road – you can follow me there too if you like – its just for fun!!

Send this to friends who need some help getting free of the fear of man.

To be continued…

Until next time, d

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