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Expect faith

Expect faith.

Have you ever known someone who was so broken that their expectancy was zero? I have felt like that before myself and it was a horrible season of not trusting myself, others or God. I was so downtrodden by my own mistakes that I did not expect faith. I did not expect trust or reliance. I was lost inside myself. Though my Father was right there inside me with great expectation as He talked to me about living life, I could not hear His voice because I had no compass for believing He would talk to me when I felt like my life was nothing. I want to encourage you today to expect faith.

Hope in God again. Hope in people again. Hope in yourself again. Hope in the sun coming up again.

Expect faith my friend. Expect yourself to trust again. See yourself in your own mind standing up and taking steps. Every time you sit in a chair – you expect it to hold you. Every time you set your alarm – you expect it to wake you. Every time you brush your teeth – you expect those bristles to work. You DO know how to trust – you just don’t realize it looks and feels as mundane as getting up or breathing air or sitting down.

Expect again my friend. Breathe in a fresh idea of expectancy.

Expect faith.

Until soon and much love, d

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