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Christmas Day

Fearless Friday- it’s here. Once a year this day comes. Sometimes it’s filled with fresh bread, potatoes, stuffing and turkey. Other times it just may be a sandwich or a cup of coffee.

You may be surrounded by many.

Or sitting alone.

Either way – you have you with you.

Sometimes it may not feel like enough. You may need comfort. Strength. Kindness with skin on…but it may not be near. Or nobody knows how you feel. So you are disappointed. It’s important that you grab hold of you. You are important.

I’ve learned that you may think that person over there is happy and you may think they have it all together…but truth is that nobody does.


Regardless of appearance.

I write this today because you may be struggling. You are not alone. You may be tired. You are not alone. You may be anxious. You are not alone. Life doesn’t seem fair. You are not alone.

You are necessary. Significant. Important. Special. Persevering. Strong. Well able.


You are not alone.

I say Merry Christmas from the depths of my heart. I’ve spent Christmas Day alone. I have been the one in need on a day when everyone else seemed happy, content or fulfilled. I was not alone. I had me. And you do too.

Go look yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself a few things will you?? Read from my picture note below.

Forward to a friend.

Follow me – Love, d

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