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Blowing Off Steam

No Blowing Off Steam!


Maybe you feel you are about to blow up because your have so much stress and tension and craziness around you. It is the season to be JOLLY NOT OBNOXIOUS 🙂 So, blow off steam with the devil and leave people out of it. You cannot shift your blame for your bad mood on your friends, family or fast moving job. You cannot allow the accuser to come in and through you -accuse everyone around you for your mood when you alone have control over your heart and mind. The enemy is the one who steals our peace, kills our relationships and destroys our lives. Don’t accuse someone else when your temper is high sky – time to shift gears and come out of agreement with the torment that keeps you bound by anger, frustration and accusations. Why are you pointing the finger while blowing off steam?

Remember when you are in a bad mood – the enemy is happy and when you are at peace – well, the enemy hates it! So, #BeBraver and be in agreement with God and keep your peace. When you keep YOUR PEACE – YOUR HOUSE WILL BE IN PEACE.

Jesus loves you and HE wants us to be like HIM……..not the one who got thrown out of heaven.

Father, we come in Jesus name and we change our mind and come out of agreement with every attitude that is not pleasing to You. Sometimes we just do not even begin to behave right and though by grace we are saved – it is because of Your grace that we can behave and be kind too. We choose your GRACE and as Pastor Bob Phillips used to say years ago: GRACE IS God’s Righteousness And Corresponding Enabling.

WE thank You for Your righteousness and how You enable us to do the right thing when we feel we cannot in Jesus name. Let it be.

Send this to friends who would want to #BeBraver and be encouraged by Blowing off Steam.

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Love and peace and until next time,


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