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Be Confident & Breathe

Be Confident and Breathe. CONFIDENT that He Who started it will finish it…😘

Marriage is similar to friendship, family – even work or church friends I think.

It takes commitment to stay the course, love the one in the mirror and the ones you are with.

It takes being willing to shut up and give in as well as stand up and let it go.

It takes hugging it out instead of running out the door. Confident enough to hug even in the face of being rejected.

It takes loving someone through their tears instead of telling them to shut up because you are uncomfortable or just cannot fix it (and feel inadequate).

Love is a strong choice and the minute you run from one person who makes you crazy is probably when you find that same person looking back at you when you are alone in the bathroom. 

You may love some who refuse to love you back. You may apologize to those who refuse to acknowledge your humility. Let it go. Confident.

Simply thank God you are alive. They are alive. You have another day. I’m telling you that your emotions will cause you to say things you don’t really mean that you will have to apologize for…or justify the words because you feel entitled to “feel” whatever you are feeling.

Its that whole perspective thing. Confident He will finish it, you and them.

Hug the one who makes you crazy. Or you will run them over or walk away from them.

You probably make them crazy too.

Hug the one who ticks you off. Or you will kick them out or leave them stranded.

You probably tick them off too.

Hug the one who makes you feel invalidated. You are they will harbor resentment for “feeling” like you don’t matter or are not in the room or are just unimportant.

They probably feel invalidated too. Confident.

Love the one who makes you feel angry. They are probably angry too.

SOOOOOO much goes into the tapestry of loving ourselves and humanity.

Loving and swallowing the failure we feel because we cannot go back and fix what is unfixed and the pain we feel about the loss we feel and the inadequacy we feel…

Feel. Feel. Feel. Oh My.

Feelings lie but Truth stands the test of time.

See the Truth in the one who you want to desert. Maybe they are just as insecure as you are but cannot express it.

See the Truth inside yourself – that there is One Who will never leave you or them….no never… Confident.

Take a deep breath – breathe in and out and then do it again and then do it again.

Hug yourself. Hug them. Start over. Confident.

Don’t let the cycle of run away get you sick and tired of sick and tired and stress you out so much that you want to throw in the towel.

You can’t go back but you can step forward.  Confident.

Love, Donna

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