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A new thought

Motivated Monday -For years I went to church on Wednesday, Sunday, Tuesday. Loved it. Took copious notes. Ate. Drank. Lived. What I was told. Did so with a pure heart. I studied on my own. I taught classes and lead retreats and meetings. One day I read the bible with the purpose of seeing it through the Fathers eyes instead of my own. Then I read from the perspective of the audience spoken to in the bible as if He was speaking important words to that generation.

Bam. That’s when it hit me. The word of God had been my idol and I realized much of what I thought I knew was skewed. Filtered through religious bias.

Jesus spoke relevant words that were meant for his current audience. If I tell you I’m about to die and in that text I also mention other happenings to come within that same time frame – chances are it’s the same season. This is what Jesus did..

I encourage you to read the bible without your church hat. Ask Holy Spirit to reveal Truth. You’ll be glad. I know I am. Freed from the lies, I’m discovering what an awesome world we have to explore…

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